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How to Create an Advisory Board

(In 6 easy steps!)

by Christine Comaford-Lynch

We all can benefit from advisors—they’re the friends from the trenches who’ve been on the business battlefield longer than we have. Or they’re friends who’re from a different industry or field who provide a unique perspective. Or they’re seasoned or high profile executives who lend you credibility, thus helping you secure customers, financing, or approval for an internal project.  You need advisors to bounce ideas off of, to provide a reality check, to tell you when you’re about to mess up, to confide in when you’re alone at the top of the organization or department.

Here’s a process for getting and keeping advisors on your team. Remember: life = the people that you meet + what you create with them. Let’s start meeting and creating.

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Things to Remember When Starting a Business

Believe in what you do or don’t do it.  It’s that simple.  We only get one life to be who we are called to be, so if you are passionate about a certain topic, whether it’s helping kids or selling tofu, give it all you have, and then make a commitment  to finish what you start!

Distractions are temporary!  There will ALWAYS be a handy excuse preventing you from fulfilling your dreams.  Don’t allow temporary distractions to strip you of fulfilling your life’s dream.  If you know what you want to do, then DO IT.  Money isn’t everything.  Many organizations and businesses start out on a shoestring budget.  It takes hard work and persistence, not a big bankroll.  A little internet research will find you many low-cost resources to get you started – all it takes is you doing it!

It’s okay to start out small.  If you want to sell herbs, you don’t have to build a 10,000 sq. foot greenhouse.  Start one plant, grow it, sell it, and then plant another.  That’s the way all businesses grow.  One day at a time, one-step at a time, and then one day you’ll look up and discover YOU DID IT!

Never give up on a dream.  Do you know how many times Edison failed before he succeeded?  What if he would have given up, would we still be living in a dark world?  Of course not.  You have a great idea, but if you give up, somebody else will succeed and live the dream you only imagined.

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